Fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game, the Nations & Cannons campaign setting has everything you need to run adventures during the American Revolutionary war. Researched in intricate detail, the Starter Rules include new items, backgrounds, and character options for living and fighting in colonial America. 

Build a character, choose their allegiance, and fight for their legacy while learning real history along the way! Our goal is to make these materials available to educators as hands-on history lessons, telling the stories of individuals who risked everything for their new nation.

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  • July 14, 1776: General Correspondence
    This Day in the American Revolution Admiral Richard Howe sends a letter to Washington under a flag of truce in an attempt to open negotiations with the Patriots in New York. However, the message is addressed to “George Washington, Esq.”, which did not recognize his rank as General. One of Washington’s officers, Joseph Reed, tells Howe’s agent that there isRead moreRead more
  • Seymour Burr, Renegade Soldier
    While many Americans joined the war effort to free themselves from British rule, others were fighting for their personal freedom. The promise of liberty, however, did not often come from the side of the Patriots. Seymour Burr first turned to the British before he enlisted in the Continental Army.
  • Happy Halloween!
    The morning sun rose bright and clear / The birds sang blithely on the bough / But many an eye held trembling tear / And many a one show’d troubled brow.
  • Allan McLane, the Ranger Captain
    In a young nation hungry for legends, Allan McLane was primed to go down in history for his bravery and service during the American Revolution.

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