Indie publisher Flagbearer Games is looking for sensitivity readers to assess Nations & Cannons, an 18th century TTRPG sourcebook set during the American Revolutionary War.

About Nations & Cannons

The subject matter of Nations & Cannons adventures involves real-world events situated in their historic context, albeit through a heroic lens where players are influential figures in the American Revolution. Flagbearer Games’ mission statement is to explore civics-based education from an inclusive and welcoming perspective, using a cast of diverse, well-researched characters to highlight the contributions of women, people of color, and indigenous Americans that are often left out of the narrative of the Revolution.

Our intention is to accurately portray 18th century events—including pivotal topics from the period such as colonialism, Manifest Destiny, the legacy of enslavement, and the meaning of “All men are created equal”—while taking care to preserve player agency. Issues of historic injustices are never presented with mechanical incentives and will be designed with safety tools, so Gamemasters can choose how to address these elements within their campaign.

Call for Sensitivity Readers

We are currently looking for Black American sensitivity readers, as well as members of Northeastern Woodlands and Southeastern Woodlands tribes, particularly with a knowledge of this period in history. Ideal candidates will have:

  • Prior experience writing, editing, or doing sensitivity reviews of TTRPG content
  • A familiarity with the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition ruleset
  • A history degree or relevant experience

The length of the publication is 106 pages, with approximately 10-14 pages of history content and narrative copy that will require close reading. There is a 2-week timetable for a sensitivity assessment and followup feedback.

We are offering a $25 hourly rate for this position. We are open to a flat rate for the entire deliverable, but want to be respectful of the editor’s time. There is the potential for additional work for future Flagbearer Games publications in the future.

If interested, please email with the subject line “Sensitivity Reader” along with your resume or other relevant details.